Experience the Power of Pure Sound with ACwO DwOTS Decibel - Advanced ANC, Superior Bass, and Long Battery Life
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Time To Witness The Sound Of Greatness With ACwO’s DwOTS Decibel

by Acwo Life 25 May 2024
Time To Witness The Sound Of Greatness With  ACwO’s DwOTS Decibel

Have you ever experienced the Power Of Pure Sound?

Then let me ask you something… Are you someone who thrives on high-quality sound?
Or do you seek to elevate your audio experience to new heights? If so, you're in for a treat. But even if you think you're just an average listener. 

Close your eyes for a moment and recall all the times great sound transformed your day, be it the perfect song during a tough workout, the crisp clarity of a phone call with a loved one, or the immersive experience of your favourite game.  

All those moments, big and small, define your appreciation for quality audio. At ACwO, we understand the profound impact of exceptional sound.

That's why we are excited to introduce a New Prime that’s designed to enhance every audio experience the ACwO DwOTS Decibel - Sound of Greatness. This isn't just another pair of earbuds; it's a powerhouse of features crafted to meet your every need. 

So let's dive into the latest addition to the ACwO family and explore what makes the ACwO DwOTS Decibel the ultimate choice for audio enthusiasts.

Unmatched Active Noise Cancellation (Upto 35db)

One of the standout features of the *ACwO DwOTS Decibel* is the *Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) up to 35db*. Whether you're commuting, working in a bustling cafe, or simply trying to focus, our ANC technology ensures you experience crystal-clear sound without distracting background noise. It’s perfect for making phone calls, enjoying music, or immersing yourself in a podcast without interruptions. 

Long-lasting Playtime

Worried about battery life? With *up to 60 hours of playtime* (with ANC off), the *ACwO DwOTS Decibel* keeps your audio going all day and night. Forget about frequent charging and stay connected to your audio world for longer periods.

Superior Call Quality with Quad Mic and SONIC SHIELD™ ENC

The *Quad Mic with SONIC SHIELD™ Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)* ensures your voice is heard clearly on calls, even in noisy environments. This makes the *ACwO DwOTS Decibel* perfect for professionals who need to make important calls on the go. 

Fast and Reliable Connectivity

Experience seamless connections with *Bluetooth 5.3*, offering faster and more stable connections. This ensures your *earbuds with ANC* stay connected without interruptions, providing a smooth listening experience. 

Resilient and Ready for Action

Designed to keep up with your active lifestyle, these earbuds boast *IPX5 water and sweat resistance*. Whether you're hitting the gym or caught in the rain, your *best in-ear noise cancelling earbuds* will continue to perform.  

Quick Charge with HYPER BOOST™ Technology

Running out of battery? The *HYPER BOOST™ technology* gives you *15 hours of playtime with just a 15-minute charge*. This fast-charging feature ensures you are never without your music.

Gaming Mode with Low Latency

For gamers, the *45ms low latency* mode is a game-changer. Enjoy real-time audio sync for an immersive gaming experience, making the *ACwO DwOTS Decibel* the *45ms low latency earbuds for gaming* enthusiasts.

Personalized Audio Experience

Customize your listening experience with *4 EQ modes* – Balanced, Bass, Gaming, and Theatre. Whether you need deep bass for your workout, balanced sound for your commute, or enhanced clarity for gaming, the *ACwO DwOTS Decibel* has got you covered.

Stylish Color Options

Choose from three stylish colors: Seashell White, Platinum Black, and Meadow Green. These *branded TWS earbuds* are designed to match your style while providing superior sound quality.

With these features, the *ACwO DwOTS Decibel* is set to be the *best earbuds with good bass* and an essential part of your daily life, providing unparalleled audio quality and convenience.


What is ANC earbuds?

ANC earbuds use active noise cancellation technology to reduce unwanted ambient sounds.

What is better ANC or ENC Earbuds?

ANC cancels ambient noise for the listener, while ENC focuses on reducing background noise for clearer calls. Both have their benefits based on usage.

Are ANC earbuds worth it?

Yes, they provide a superior listening experience by significantly reducing external noise.

Does ANC use more battery?

Yes, using ANC features can slightly reduce battery life, but the extended playtime of the *ACwO DwOTS Decibel* compensates for this.

Can I use ANC earbuds for phone calls?

Absolutely, ANC earbuds are excellent for phone calls, providing clear audio on both ends.

What are the benefits of ANC earbuds?

They offer a peaceful listening experience, reduce external noise, improve call quality, and enhance overall audio enjoyment.

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